ARC Disclaimer

ARC release

Titles bearing this symbol were received courtesy from the publisher for a fair and honest review.

Reviews are based on pre-release Advance Reader Copies (ARCs), post-release ARCs, courtesy first editions, or proofs at various stages of development. They may be based on titles that have incomplete art, low resolution images, unedited spelling/grammar, or those with different text than those found in later editions. These ratings may reflect something that the author regards as a work-in-progress.

While I try to ignore minor proof reading or spelling mistakes, post-release ARCs are subject to the same evaluation as any other book or short story. They will bear the ARC symbol but have publication dates that are earlier than their review date (note that this will also happen if the publisher requires ARC reviews to wait until the day of the title’s release to be published). Such ARCs are the same as ARC editions, just with an extended availability period for professional reviewers.

Rights to publish these reviews were granted by the publisher or author. Reviews or notes of drafts or manuscripts with non-disclosure agreements will never be posted on the site.

Ratings are based on elements found in the review. They do not take into account changes made in subsequent editions. If you spot revisions in later releases, feel free to help others by mentioning it in a comment on the review.

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