Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in Edge of Infinity. Please read this page prior to submitting a novel, short story, or anthology.

Reading Selection

  • I reserve the right to be discriminating in what I read (exceptions see: Publicity).


  • I cannot always respond to author submissions or suggestions (although I’ll probably add your book to my queue). I don’t take pleasure in rejecting new authors but, let’s be real, if I made time for everyone I wouldn’t have time to read anything!
  • Adding my NetGalley for auto-approval helps the likelihood that I’ll notice your offerings.
  • Publishers are encouraged to add me to their mailing list (this is the easiest way to increase the likelihood that I’ll read and review your selection).
  • Paper submissions from publishing companies are desirable.
  • Acceptable digital formats include Mobi (Kindle), PDF, and ASCM for Digital Editions (DRM).
  • Please feel free to make requests using my contact page.


  • Publishers are encouraged to add me to their pre-release mailing list.
  • eARC copies are usually requested via mailing list or downloaded on NetGalley.
  • Paper ARCs from publishing companies are desireable.
  • Contact me using my contact page.


I give a lot of exposure to novels and anthologies I enjoy on Twitter and Facebook (author and book mentions), Reddit style forums, book clubs, Goodreads, and word of mouth. Unless hired for freelance services:

  • Reviewed books are marketed for maximum exposure.
  • If passionate about your work, I’ll gladly aid in publicity in marketing through promoting your book multiple times on social media with tags including the author and publishing company.
  • I’m not a bookseller. My goal is to spread awareness of SF/F and Spec Fic books that I enjoy, not sell them. I’ll gladly retweet links to other great reviews.


  • Publishers are encouraged use blurbs and excerpts of Edge reviews as long as credit is given. (Also feel free to let me know about it by email or Twitter, I’ll retweet/share your message show my support!)

Goodreads (edgeofinfinity)

  • All book reviews will be posted on Goodreads (exception for ARCs with required review dates- they will be marked as “review-pending” until that date).
  • My “Currently Reading” status will often reflect what I’m reading. They will be visible to my GR friends.

Twitter @edgebookreviews

  • Reviews are encouraged to reach out so that I can share your reviews with my followers (sharing and RT’ing will never modify your original tweet or message).
  • I love follows, tweets, and retweets. But just because you follow me doesn’t mean I’ll love you. (I’ll probably like you though.)

I reserve all rights to modify this policy without notice and make exceptions to it as needed.

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