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Welcome to Edge of Infinity! Edge will focus primarily on providing the reader with critical reviews, essays, and articles for hard and general sci-fi, speculative works, and fantasy fiction. Reviews are either exclusive to Edge or taken from other review platforms. The site features both the new and the old. Whether in short story or novel form – from the fanciful to the next generation of technology – Edge will provide the reader with quality reviews from fiction’s bleeding edge.

Hopefully, you’ll get something out of reading my thoughts on great works of literature. Edge isn’t just about spotting the latest trends in fiction through pre-release ARCs, I hope to also use this site to increase reader exposure to my variety of fiction. There’s no pressure to buy anything. Most links are to social networks but some (infrequently) will be to product pages for your convenience.

As an ARC reader, I often post reviews of novels, anthologies, and novellas before they’re released to general public. ARC release dates are located in the review’s title. Check back regularly for the latest releases.

Reviews are 100% truthful.

There are no curated lists, one sentence blog posts, or staff writers/reviewers here. All content on Edge is written by me (Adam) for fellow readers. All of my reviews are authentic. All the ratings are based on my own impressions. While I may make comparison statements to other writings readers may enjoy, the ratings are independent of other reviews on the site. My ratings are never swayed by others. Authors and publishers take note that I do not make any promises to read or review work in advance.

All of the reviews found here are cross-posted on my Goodreads Profile or my older Amazon Profile page. For the latest reviews, feel free to follow me on Twitter or send me a friend request on Goodreads.

There are plenty of novels that I’ve read but haven’t reviewed. Check back frequently or make a request (Review Policy).

Goodreads Corrections

I’m a Goodreads librarian. If an ARC or first edition appears with mistakes on that site, I can fix it. If you see a novel with incorrect cover art or information on GR, let me know and I’ll look into it. Additionally, you can request librarian assistance in the Goodreads Librarian Group. I cannot edit entries on commission and I am not a Goodreads staff member.

ARCs and Galley Proofs

I’ll gladly consider requests to advance read science fiction and fantasy for publishers and authors (ARCs and other pre-publication proofs). I can’t promise a review unless I feel strongly about the work. Rest assured that I go into each review with a fresh outlook.

If you have something available on NetGalley or Edelweiss, let me know and I’ll request a copy! If you have no idea what an ARC is, please read my disclaimer. Before making submissions or suggestions, please check the site’s review policy.

Publishers and marketing firms take note: while this site lacks strong advertising, Edge receives many unique visitors per month. I also receive many unsolicited emails from new authors. I’ll try to get to as many ARCs and DRCs as possible. The best way to get me to see an ARC is to auto-approve me on NetGalley or add me to your mailing list.

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Comments, Ratings, and Replies

This site has a Disqus comment system. Most readers prefer to comment on Twitter or Goodreads directly.

Comments with opposing opinions are acceptable. I reserve the right to moderate out comments that are abusive, purposeless, or otherwise disruptive.

Rating System (Generalized)
5 stars Excellent. Usually very strong story, character depth, often well written. Great pacing and strong world-building is a plus. In the case of graphics novels, usually this relates to the story, visual style, and characters.
Example: The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive #1) by Brandon Sanderson. It had strong characters, an amazing story, great use of plot devices, captivating dialogue and was very well written.
4 stars — Loved it! There was probably something that bothered me about the structure, story, and/or character portrayal that prevented me from giving it a 5 star review. Excellent novels can fall into this category. Check the content of the review for criticisms or comments.
Example: Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu by Mercedes Yardley. Great short fiction but slight concerns with being too concise, too limited in scope.
3 starsGood. There are probably some fundamental flaws that prevented me from giving a better rating.
Example: Many 3 star ratings are given to works with fundamental storytelling issues.
2 stars Not good at all. Either fatal flaws, failure of the novel to deliver on writing devices used, and/or some other element.
1 starsVery strongly dislike. I don’t like giving out 1 star reviews. Why bother finish the novel and spend the time writing a review? But if I spend time reading something, I generally take the time to review it. 1 star reviews are akin to giving it a 0.

Fractions of stars are given on Edge of Infinity but aren’t available on Goodreads. I’ll choose the closest equivalent to display there.

Note that ratings are extremely subjective. I often find value in things I personally dislike or rate poorly. And I’ll usually still @mention the publishing company and author on Twitter to give credit where credit is due.

Why are there so many 4 and 5 star reviews?

Anyone that that tells you that they treat all novels equally is grossly overstating their impartiality. People have a tendency to read what they think they’ll enjoy. If an author has written novels that I previously enjoyed, chances are I’ll revisit their work. Rest assured that I rate everything independent of past reviews. Positive reviews of an author’s work in the past is no garauntee of future ratings.

I rate things according to my reaction at the time. My ratings are irrespective of genre or other works with the same rating. My reviews are where I discuss the strengths and weaknesses of a novel and let the reader decide whether or not they should give something a try. I’m not really a fan of star ratings at all. Different genres have different standards. A technical book or graphic novel with a 5 star review is generally different than a full-length novel of a similar rating.

I am far more lenient with graphic novels and art books than I am with novels. This is because I can consider their aesthetic appeal. Some works are purely eye-candy.

Why so many graphic novels?

Quick and easy. Some are really entertaining. I was a huge fan of Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore as a kid, so why not add them to the site? Greater diversity is a good thing. Do I prefer them to novels? No. But some are really thought-provoking and worth reading. All graphic novels on the site will fit the site’s SF/F theme.

Critical Reviews vs. Retail Reviews

This site primarily features critical reviews. It features in-depth thoughts on the plot and subject matter of the novel. I generally aim to blend a form of product review style with thoughtful analysis to create a critical review. I try to avoid writing essays. Many of my reviews contain “big picture” analysis: the author takes the time to inject various elements into his/her novel and many reviewers ignore their efforts in favor of providing small consumer reviews. The reviewers here are longer than general purpose product reviews. I enjoy diving into an author’s world and learning from it.

I prefer novels with social and political tensions, philosophical arguments, and psychological components. Any “food for thought.”

I often discuss abstractions and philosophical things in my longer reviews. Some readers find that interesting. Some don’t. If you’re in the latter camp, feel free to stick with my shorter reviews. All of the reviews here will contain a concise introduction and conclusion. I don’t down-rate novels that aren’t “very deep.” Edge will also will be stocked with general reviews. These will be aimed at the average book consumer looking for a fun read. In the case of ARCs, I try to keep my reviews short and simple, highlighting interesting concepts and themes. This is to avoid giving too many spoilers.

Freelance and Sponsored Reviews

Feel free to submit requests for sponsored content. This includes in print publications, feature cover blurbs, and other commission work. All reviews and commentary will be unbiased. Sponsored reviews that are allowed to be posted on Edge will be clearly marked as sponsored.

Sharing Content on Site

Feel free to share Edge reviews. There’s currently a known issue with sharing DotTK links. If the domain’s changed in the future, the older one will still be used to redirect traffic. Still, I encourage you to send me an email letting me know where my links are featured (so I can provide a link back to your blog).

Website Navigation

The “featured headline” area features 3 popular categories. They allow the reader to sort content by genre. You can click on the image or title words of that category to set a search filter.

Since reviews matter more than star ratings, ratings are only visible on a review’s dedicated page. You can access reviews by finding them on the main section of the site below the “featured headline” area. Each review features a blurb on the main site. On a review’s page, you’ll see information about the book including my rating.

The best way to find a review is to use the “site search” on the right side menu. All content is organized by tag and sub-category. You can also use the “category filter” or “tag cloud” to find the content you want. I’ve also tagged series names and author’s surnames to make them easier to find.

Site Facts

The site gets its name from the awesome Cyberpunk 2020 supplemental, View from the Edge. It’s from a long-extinct RPG from my youth designed by Mike Pondsmith. William Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy hooked me on sci-fi at a young age, 2020 was an extension of that world.

If you haven’t read any cyberpunk, you should check out Gibson’s Sprawl and Bridge trilogies. His modern Blue Ant trilogy is also phenomenal and very speculative, it deals with advertising, marketing, consumerism, existentialism, and psychology post 9/11. For new post-singularity sci-fi, one of my favorite authors is Hannu Rajaniemi: Finding New Things to Do With Encryption and MMOs Since 2012!™

New to sci-fi or speculative fiction? My top favorite anthologies are Burning Chrome (William Gibson), Mirrorshades (Bruce Sterling), Engineering Infinity (Jonathan Strahan) – only later did I realize my site’s name is the same as his second anthology in that series.


All right. That’s it. Long intro probably covers everything. You can go now!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Adam

I’m a proud supporter of libraries. Support your local library.

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