The Eleventh Metal (Mistborn #0.5)

The Eleventh Metal by Brandon Sanderson
Published: Crafty Games (Apr 11, 2012)
Posted: Goodreads (Jun 22, 2016)
4 Stars (4 / 5)
The Eleventh Metal is a short story designed as a prequel to the Mistborn Adventure Game, an RPG of that series.

Fans of the series will want to read the story out of love for the main character Kelsier. As other reviewers have noted, the story isn’t essential, the details of it are scattered throughout the actual novels. But I found the story to be a fun read.

The writing is as excellent as novels in the series. What I liked the most is that Kelsier is portrayed in a naive light, quick to want to solve things through subterfuge and not wonton violence. Learning the ways of his tutor Gemmel during their trip to the Western Dominance’s Mantiz. The city is under the command of the Lord Ruler (complete with noble houses and their respective estates). Its distance from Luthadel ensures that it’s perfect for training a new Mistborn.

New to the series? You’ll obviously want to start with the first novel Mistborn: The Final Empire. Although I suppose starting here is fine too, it mainly consists of action sequences in which Kelsier is learning basic moves and fighting techniques.

That’s one of the flaws: almost all action and little information to supplement the Mistborn story. Sanderson *did* write this story to supplement the RPG and not to add to Kelsier’s back story at the Pits or information detailing the Eleventh Metal itself, so it works.

Well written and enjoyable. Although I fully admit that rating a short story is goofy, I figure this may help fans of the series determine if it’s worth reading. It was for me but I’m a superfan. Back to eating Marewill petals and sipping Elendel tea. 4/5

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